Enjoy Neo Geo games in your computer


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Nebula is a powerful emulator for playing Neo Geo games using your computer.

Nebula emulates CAPCOM CPS2, so it is specially designed to play games like Street Fighter, Dungeons & Dragons and all those where Marvl characters appear.

It is similar to Mame because of its folder structure. If you want to play the games have to be stored in the folder roms of the emulator.

Its interface is really attractive, but it doesn’t include installer and you need the games, because it doesn’t include anyone, but that’s no problm because there are lots of them all round internet, and, maybe, you have one in your computer.

Remember those fantastic moments in front of the videoconsole playing and playing. Now you can save the game and resume it later.

Street Fighter, Metal Slug, The King of Fighters, all of them can be now in your computer

You need NEO GEO rom installed in your computer.

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